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HealthyPakistan is Emirates #1 source to find and connect with a doctor!

The Right Audience, Right Before the Doctor’s Visit
Thousands times a day, Users visit HealthyPakistan to connect with a doctor and prepare for their appointment. That makes HealthyPakistan the #1 way to reach the largest audience of consumers at the moment of maximum influence. With targeting based on over 20,000 conditions, physician specialty, demographics or behaviors, your ads on HealthyPakistan will reach the most relevant consumers for your brand. List matching and geo-targeting are also available.

HealthyPakistan Visitors are the Most Action-Oriented
Health Audience Online
Last year, HealthyPakistan ran successful campaigns with over 400 top advertisers in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Pharmacies, Over-the-Counter Drugs, Insurance, Consumer Products, Automotive, Education, Retail, Technology, Travel and Financial Services.

HealthyPakistan Reaches a Highly Desirable Audience · Health-Focused: 100% seeking health information · Insured: 73% commercially insured · Female: 72% Female · Educated: 84% post-secondary education · Affluent: 52% household income > $75,000 · Mobile: HealthyPakistan is optimized to support smartphone mobile platforms

Content That Drives Better Health Decisions
In addition to connecting consumers with the right physician, HealthyPakistan also educates and motivates consumers with best-in-class editorial content and tools. Exclusive sponsorship of this action-oriented health content empowers consumers to make better health decisions and keeps your brand top of mind at this pivotal moment.

Custom Solutions To Achieve Your Brand Objectives
HealthyPakistan can also develop a custom solution that integrates educational content and tools to meet your brand's goals. Through our syndication model with our publisher partners, HealthyPakistan reaches the largest online health audience.
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